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There's no denying that the global financial markets are in trouble. That is with the exception of the foreign currency exchange market of course. In foreign exchange trading the value of currency is always relative there are always profit opportunities available for speculation. Since the collapse of the stock market, the financial world has witnessed a migration of financial investors into the safe realm of currency trading. The forex trading online industry is still absorbing thousands of "refugee" traders who have decided to take a shot at forex currency investment instead of losing more capital elsewhere. To help these new traders start on the right foot, eToro has decided to make forex trading easy as well as give them the opportunity to learn the basics of foreign money exchange for free. Below you will find a description of the educational tools available online on the eToro company website.

Foreign Exchange Trading Guide The eToro Foreign Exchange Trading Guide is available for free download on the eToro website and contains easy explanations of all the basic principles you need to know to start trading foreign currencies. The guide assumes that its reader is an absolute novice trader, so all the forex concepts are explained from scratch. A tip to the wise: this forex trading guide does not contain any secrets that'll make you get rich quick. It‘s simply there to help you know what you're doing when you make your first forex trade instead of just gambling your seed money away. The eToro forex guide contains information on:

  • What is forex trading
  • Forex market hours
  • What are the best trading times
  • What is day trading by comparison to long term investment
  • Hedging your currency trades
  • Minimizing risks
  • Electronic trade orders
  • Money management
  • Spotting trends in currency price rates
  • Commodity trading
  • And more...
Our foreign exchange trading guide is also accompanied by video tutorials and the online eToro program guide.

Practice Foreign Currency Trading with eToro's Demo Mode Once sign up with eToro you will get immediate access to the eToro demo mode. The demo mode is an exact replica of the real eToro platform which allows you to simulate forex trades with virtual money and live forex rates. This gives you an opportunity to discover the unique features of the eToro platform and to practice your forex skills as you pick them up. The only difference between the two trading modes is that in practice mode you cannot lose any of your own capital! You use the practice mode to review your trading strategies and even win prizes in the demo trading challenge. And of course it's tax and commission free. After learning with the eToro trading guide and practicing in the demo mode you're sure trade as well, if not better, than any certified professional trader. The dual combination of education and practice is a guaranteed road to success.

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